Our Story

Andrew Phelps - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Fields - Bass
Jordan Gilmore - Guitar
Adam Phelps - Drums

"If you listen to the album, you're going to find something that you like" says guitarist Jordan Gilmore speaking about their latest full length self titled record "Six Shots Later".  "There is something for everyone to enjoy.  Funk, reggae, and rock."  Coming off of their last EP titled "One Helluva Night", the group was looking to define their sound and exemplify the modern rock scene in Raleigh, NC.  They put together their minds and created a concoction of rhythm mixed with feeling and fun that is not only different from the independent scene that has become more and more prominent across the nation, but it breathes life and energy in to the lungs of an area of art which is well known for being melodramatic and over emotional.  

Their current set up started in 2013 when guitarist / vocalist Andrew Phelps and bassist Chris Fields were looking to broaden their live sound.  Searching for another guitarist to add to the mix, they found Jordan Gilmore and set up shop in Raleigh, NC.  Needing a new drummer at the time, they enlisted Andrew's brother Adam Phelps who had already had a love for the band before he tried out.  Together, they continued with their current pop-punk sound and stuck with what they knew best - fun.  "We like to party and have fun and we try to stress that with our music.  Our music is about good times and good vibes" says Andrew.

Instead of going in to another studio, the group decided to transform Jordan's house in to their own studio to allow themselves to be more creative in the mixing process. Starting with just a monitor and their DAW, the group continued to add to their setup as well as their own creativity to make sure everything sounded the way they wanted.  The process, which consisted of Andrew working on the mixing and Jordan cleaning up the tracks at the end, went on for a few months before they had something concrete to show to their fans.  "We changed things, moved around things, rewrote entire songs." Adam says. "We wanted this album to really stand out."

What came out of that process is a full length album that features 9 diverse songs displaying each of their musical influences.  Starting with a power chord driven "Hypocritz", it quickly fades in to a lighter side that speaks to reggae fans with songs such as "Go to Hell" and "No Doubt".  Closing out the album, the band gets funky and shows off their funky side with "The Twos" and a nod to 90's rock with "Speechless".  "We didn't try to write this or that.  We chose to write good music and that's what sets this album apart." says bassist Chris Fields.

A tour to push the album is planned for spring 2016.  College radio stations around the US are now playing their newest album in rotation as well as a few songs from their last EP such as "Looking good tonight".  "We're broadening our sound.  We're making music for all audiences and not just one group of people" says Andrew. "It's working.  More people are listening and taking notice.  We're happy to be able to share this with the fans.  We can't wait to share this with everyone live."